Appassionato mov. III – Heike Quarto –
(Daron Hagen)

Appassionato Mov. Ⅲ – Heike Quarto – (composed by Daron Aric Hagen) Performed by Duo YUMENO Yoko Reikano Kimura, koto Hikaru Tamaki, violoncello Recorded live at Jiyu-gakuen, Myonichi-kan Auditorium, Tokyo (June 22, 2019) Commissioned and premiered by Duo YUMENO (2015)

Flowers, Birds, Wind, Moon: Music by Marty Regan (2015)

“Flowers, Birds, Wind, Moon” is a suite of duets, which was commissioned by Duo YUMENO to Marty Regan over the course of four years, based on the Japanese aesthetic concept of?Ka-ch?-f?-getsu?/ Flowers-Birds-Wind-Moon, four core images of nature that recur throughout Japanese literature and the arts. “In all of these works,” Marty Regan writes in the liner notes, “I attempt to evoke a hybrid musical soundscape where ? ? ? imagined boundaries between the “East” and “West” become blurred and transcended while seamlessly blending the two instruments so that become one harmonious musical voice. References to traditional Japanese music, while still present to some extent largely due to the presence of Read More …