Jan 4, 2020 / New York Classical Review

… this charming piece was a virtual encyclopedia of each instrument’s tonal possibilities and the ways they could combine, contrast, and accompany each other, realized with admirable feeling and energy by both players. – But Beautiful (composed by Takuma Ito, commissioned by Duo YUMENO) – Bargemusic rocks the new year with five premieres at Here and Now  

Jan 4, 2020 / ConcertoNet

… Lady Day and Tony Bennett, Lena Horne and Frank Sinatra…just about everybody sung Just Beautiful (as if anybody could make the lyrics and music more bittersweet and beautiful than they are on paper). But nobody ever played Just Beautiful like the Duo Yumeno at Barge Music last night. Without a single note of the original!… – But Beautiful (composed by Takuma Ito, commissioned by Duo YUMENO) – Barge Music’s Eight Course Banquet from ConcertoNet

Sep 2, 2019 / New York Classical Review

…Medusa’s Lair, from Marty Regan, left the strongest impression, and not only for being a piece for solo shamisen, played with focussed drive by Yoko Reikano Kimura. … Kimura conveyed the precise intensity of the piece, which spiraled into a well of drama. – Medusa’s Lair for solo shamisen (composed by Marty Regan) – New works push off at Bargemusic’s Hera and Now Festival 

Sep 1, 2018 / New York Classical Review

…this was the most abstract work on the program and also the most intriguing…the piece had Kimura playing graceful, carefully placed lines against audio that had a strong metrical pulse and etched rhythms. – To the Victims of Cain for solo shamisen and pre-recording (composed by Yoriaki Matsudaira) – http://newyorkclassicalreview.com/2018/09/bargemusics-here-and-now-festival-opens-with-an-evening-of-eclectic-delights/

Nov 10, 2015 / KCMETROPOLIS.org

Kimura’s voice was rich and full-bodied and easily carried over the delicate ensemble. – Yachiyo-jishi (traditional) shamisen and song – http://kcmetropolis.org/issue/november-11-2015/article/east-meets-west-in-fruitful-collaboration

May 28, 2015 / ARTS+CULTURE

Whether she was zipping through the energetic sections or tossing off the glissandi that make lyrical phrases sound like they’re floating off into the air, Kimura fit every moment into a natural flow. – Maqam for solo shamisen (composed by Marty Regan) – http://artsandculturetx.com/japanese-inspired-sonic-brush-strokes-succeed-at-aperios-season-closer/