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Yoko Reikano Kimura Koto and Shamisen Teaching Studio

Play koto or shamisen and become inspired by their exquisite sounds

Learn authentic Japanese music in New York

I am an active performer based in New York and Japan. From my experience living in both countries, I hope to guide my students to produce the sounds of koto and shamisen that are deeply rooted in the Japanese cultural heritage. I also hope to help my students appreciate one of the core values of Japanese culture, wa – peace and harmony. I offer private lessons at my studio and welcome beginners as well as experienced players.

About the Studio:

Interested? Let’s start with a trial lesson.

I will never forget about the time when I heard the sounds of koto and shamisen for the first time because I was moved by their beauty. I offer trial lessons so that you will be able to hear and produce these sounds for yourself.
[Trial lesson (45 minutes): US$ 40]
If you are interested or have questions, please click here.

Learn a wide variety of repertoire

I can teach a wide variety of koto and shamisen music, which are comprised of repertoire that has been developed for many centuries. I am also literate in various notations and fluent in different styles of playing. For example, traditional and contemporary music are different stylistically, but I will be able to teach the appropriate performance style for each genre.
Koto and shamisen repertoire:
Yamada school koto music, Jiuta Soukyoku, works by Kin’ichi Nakanoshima,
modern hogaku (Japanese music), contemporary music.

Getting an instrument

I can help beginners to purchase their own instruments. Based on my experience performing and teaching in Japan, I will be able to help you to get a good quality instrument and various equipment.
1, Kew Gardens area, New York
2, Higashi-matsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Please contact for more information. I also give at-home lessons in New York City. (Transportation fee is charged separately.)
Lesson fee

New York Studio:

[Beginners (first two years)] US$ 240 per month for three fifty-minute lessons (recommended) or $80 per lesson.
[Experienced students] US$ 300 per month for three sixty-minute lessons (recommended) or $100 per lesson.
[Single lesson for non-regular student] US$ 150 (sixty-minute)
– There is no membership fee.
– Lessons will be scheduled before the beginning of each month.
– I can be flexible if you are interested in taking lessons at your own pace, but three lessons per month is recommended.
– Since I also maintain a performance career, I may not be able to reschedule if the cancelation occurs 24 hours before the lesson.
– I can teach more frequently if you are seeking to become a professional koto/shamisen musician. (in-person lesson only)

Saitama Studio in Japan:

[Single lesson] 10,000 yen (sixty-minute)

Only during my stay in Japan. Please contact for more details.

Certificates, Experiences, etc
– Master Certification of Yamada School
– Teaching certificate in music (high school and junior high school)
– Koto/shamisen adjunct lecturer at the Contemporary Music for Traditional Japanese Instruments Program at Senzoku Gakuen University, Japan
– Koto/shamisen adjunct lecturer at the Institute of Contemporary Music for Traditional Japanese Instruments, Japan
– Former koto instructor at Kiryu University, Japan
– Many experiences teaching and giving workshops at New York Philharmonic’s educational program, elementary~high schools and universities in Japan, US and Europe.