Sep 2, 2019 / New York Classical Review

…Medusa’s Lair, from Marty Regan, left the strongest impression, and not only for being a piece for solo shamisen, played with focussed drive by Yoko Reikano Kimura. … Kimura conveyed the precise intensity of the piece, which spiraled into a well of drama. – Medusa’s Lair for solo shamisen (composed by Marty Regan) – New works push off at Bargemusic’s Hera and Now Festival 

Murasaki’s Moon | Reviews

Kimura performed the new opera, Murasaki’s Moon composed by Michi Wiancko at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There are several reviews on the following sites; The Wall Street Journal New York Classical Review Seen and Heard International   blogcritics  (6/5/19)

Sep, 2018 / Hogaku Journal, Japan

Three koto concertos performed in the summer of 2018 There is an article about Kimura’s performance of Koto Concerto: Genji (composed by Daron Hagen) at the Wintergreen Music Festival (conductor, Mei-Ann Chen) on the September, 2018 issue of Hogaku Journal. Hogaku Journal is one of the leading monthly magazines about traditional Japanese music scene. (in Japanese) Photo credit (above, article) by Paul Purpura  

Sep 1, 2018 / New York Classical Review

…this was the most abstract work on the program and also the most intriguing…the piece had Kimura playing graceful, carefully placed lines against audio that had a strong metrical pulse and etched rhythms. – To the Victims of Cain for solo shamisen and pre-recording (composed by Yoriaki Matsudaira) –

Aug 12, 2018 / The Japan Times

Duo YUMENO: Making music across the Pacific – Duo YUMENO was featured on The Japan Times in a column, “Why Did You Leave Japan?” The duo talked about their background as well as the cultural difference between Japan and the US.